Special message from Joe Bunn, Founder of The DJ's Vault

I Want to Help The
Industry That I Love

2020 has been challenging for the wedding & event industry.

And if we're not careful, the corny, $300 DJs are going to move in and start underpricing us (the true wedding pros).

I want to avoid that from happening and give you a sales presentation & process that is proven to work, even in 2020.


1. My Wedding Sales Presentation with a 95% CLOSE RATE!

Proven to Get the Close Without the Effort​

Don't worry about reducing your price, making prospects a deal or feeling like you have to beg for the close ever again. My DJs have been using this exact sales presentation & process with a 95% close rate - and you can too. So you can worry less about selling & closing and focus more on DJing.

95% closing rate and success, proven to work

Handle Objections Before They Even Happen

"It's out of our budget," "let us think about it," and more objections are easily handled and prevented when you're using a proven sales process and presentation. The Wedding Sales Machine will help melt objections before they happen because they are properly sold on your true value.

handle objections before they even happen

Get My Fully-Customizable 7 Figure Wedding Sales Presentation So You Can Start Using It For Your Business as Soon as TODAY

Get my sales presentation that's been working for my company for the past 10+ years that's proven the work. It's 14 slides and takes them from just getting to know you to trusting & wanting to book with you after the call.

14 slides, fully customizable for your brand

How Chris is Closing Nearly 100%
of His Consults with My Sales Presentation!

DJ Chris Abell has used this sales presentation and process on his Zoom consultations to book over 40+ weddings since the pandemic started in 2020. He's keeping the cash flow going in his business despite all the barriers and is having his best year ever of bookings.

2. BONUS when you sign-up today!

Walkthrough of How to Customize Your Sales Presentation in Keynote & Powerpoint ($297 Value)

I walk you through exactly how to customize your Keynote & Powerpoint presentation so that you can be up and running by as soon as TONIGHT!

3. FAST ACTION BONUS - You're Also Going to Get My Bestselling Program...

Selling the Music

- See a mock demonstration of how I meet with an engaged couple and use this sales presentation to get the booking.

- Get the exact email follow-up templates I use to transform a lead into a booking that you can plug into your DJ Event Planner.

- Learn my 3 most effective networking strategies to get on & stay on the top preferred vendors lists in your area.

Full Video Training

You'll get access to a 45 minute training showing you inside my multi-op's sales secrets that consistently generate more bookings.

Done-For-You Templates

I give you access to my done-for-you follow-up email templates that you can use to automate your booking process. I even give you my pricing sheet + sales sheets I use to sell.

See a Demo

See a mock demonstration of me using my sales presentation & process with a prospective bride & groom so you understand better how to use it in your consultation process.

Proven & Powerful

I'm really not into fluff. Get my proven & powerful sales techniques that I've been using for my own business + teaching for the last 30+ years.

DJs are speaking out 😮
See what they say!

"So last year, I only had about 11 weddings... Pretty terrible. Well this year, I have over 40 booked. 40. I can't believe it. It's amazing." - Chaz M.

"I took my business from being a part-time IT guy to fully being a mobile DJ. And now I have a couple guys working underneath me. And trust me, I wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn't for [Joe Bunn's tools]..." - Mario V.


Who is Joe Bunn?

Joe has taught mobile and wedding DJs all over the world the exact, actionable steps to grow their businesses profitably — and keep it fun.

His style: No "ra-ra" motivational crap. Just pure know-how from years of doing it. He's made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Joe's one of the few multi-op owners that operates in five different states, including two offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and now California (San Diego) & Montana.


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